Small Office

  1. Ila 2019 E
  2. Ila 2019 A
  3. Ila 2019 B
  4. Ila 2019 C
  5. Ila 2019 D
  1. Ila 2019 E
  2. Ila 2019 A
  3. Ila 2019 B
  4. Ila 2019 C
  5. Ila 2019 D


20 – 23 Jun, 2019

Celebrating its fifth anniversary, Small Office is pleased to present INTRO / LA 2019. Presented as part of the ever-expanding Los Angeles Design Festival, the showcase marks its 3rd year in the former LA Terminal Market, now revitalized as Row DTLA. Presenting a cross-section of young and established brands, INTRO / LA hosts 19 participants showing new and existing design works.

Sponsored by the LA Design Festival and Row DTLA


  1. Another Human
  2. Atelier de Troupe
  3. Base 10
  4. Block Shop
  5. The Coast
  6. Rachel Duvall
  7. Estudio Persona
  8. ETC.etera
  9. Michael Felix
  10. Stephen Kenn
  11. Klein Agency
  12. Laun
  13. Massproductions
  14. Taidgh O’Neill
  15. Brendan Ravenhill
  16. Resident
  17. Small Office
  18. Very Good & Proper
  19. Waka Waka
  20. Wrk-Shp
  21. Bari Ziperstein


Initiated in 2013, the INTRO series invites a select group of designers and brands to present their work in a non-traditional format that prizes intimacy over scale. Eschewing the conventions of the trade show, INTRO is arranged as a holistic design-space, integrating a diverse series of installations into a cohesive interior. The exhibition provides a platform for designers to engage with peers and public alike, resulting in a sampling of forms and production processes and acting as a vernacular gauge of the industry itself.