This year INTRO/NY will take on the form of an interactive room within a gallery space at 2 Rivington Street, New York, between the hours of 11AM-7PM. Visitors are encouraged to sit, stand, lean, read, recline and admire new and existing pieces by designers AnglepoiseBarber & Osgerby for twentytwentyoneDecodeMassproductionsModusNormaResidentVery Good & Proper and Waka Waka, as well as visual artist Heather Cook

Glass, wool, velvet, lacquered wood and paper are among some of the materials utilized by the contributors for the show in an effort to create an idyllic respite from the New York Design Week whirl.

*** In addition to the furniture, lighting and visual art pieces mentioned above, INTRO/NY will host a number of bookends from Norma's curated show In Support Of Books (previously shown at Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair). Bookends by Bazazas, Besler & Sons, Norma, Ouli/Brooke Intrachat, Waka Waka and Wrk-Shp will be on display. ***